Welcome to Outnumbered by Gymnasts!

Hi there! I’m Lauren, mum to two gymnastics-mad boys and their baby sister, and wife to their equally gym-crazy dad. In our house, I’m well and truly outnumbered by gymnasts!

Outnumbered by gymnasts is a blog for parents of gymnasts- particularly boy gymnasts -who don’t have any background in the sport themselves. Reviews of products that my children have used, useful information about the sport, and general tales of our gymnastics-mad family life. Take a look around the site to find out more!

About Me

My interest in gymnastics started as a teenager, when I used to take my younger sister to her gymnastics class at the local leisure centre. I loved watching her and the other gymnasts performing their skills. In fact, that’s actually where I first met my husband- he’d been a competitive gymnast since he was seven years old, competing regionally and nationally; and he started coaching the sport when he was fifteen.

Of course, it was no surprise at all that our eldest son would start gymnastics lessons (we put him on a waiting list when he was born!), and, at three years old, he began in a pre-school class, followed three and a half years later by his younger brother. Fast forward to today, they are eleven and eight years old, and are in the gym five days a week.

When they aren’t at the gym, Mr F, Mr S and Daddy spend a lot of their free time doing gymnastics wherever they happen to be. Sometimes I feel as though they’re upside down more than they’re the right way up! Unsurprisingly, Miss M, who has just turned 4, began to copy them when she was just a toddler, standing on the sofa and shouting “back flip,” before throwing herself into a forward roll! She has now begun her own gymnastics journey, and I’m excited to see where it takes her.

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