Welcome to Outnumbered by Gymnasts!

Hi there! I’m Lauren, mum to two gymnastics-mad boys and their baby sister, and wife to their equally gym-crazy dad. In our house, I’m well and truly outnumbered by gymnasts!

Outnumbered by gymnasts is a blog for parents of gymnasts- particularly boy gymnasts -who don’t have any background in the sport themselves. Reviews of products that my children have used, role models in the sport, and general tales of our gymnastics-mad family life. Take a look around the site to find out more!

About Me

My interest in gymnastics started as a teenager, when I used to take my younger sister to her gym class at the local leisure centre. I loved watching her and the other gymnasts performing their skills. In fact, that’s actually where I first met my husband- he’d been a competitive gymnast since he was seven years old, competing regionally and nationally; and he started coaching the sport when he was fifteen.

Of course, it was no surprise at all that our eldest son would start gymnastics lessons (we put him on a waiting list when he was born!), and, at three years old, he began in a pre-school class, followed three and a half years later by his younger brother. Fast forward to today, they are nine and six years old, and, prior to lockdown, were in the gym four days a week.

Boy doing gymnastics on parallel bars

When they aren’t at the gym, Mr F, Mr S and Daddy spend a lot of their free time doing gymnastics wherever they happen to be. Sometimes I feel as though they’re upside down more than they’re the right way up! Unsurprisingly, Miss M, who has just turned 3, has begun to copy them. Her current favourite phrase is “back flip,” which she shouts just before throwing herself into a forward roll! Perhaps this is a sign that it’s time for her to begin her own gymnastics journey?

outnumbered by gymnasts

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