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I was asked by Jupiter from Life With Jupiter and Dann to join in with a tag to reflect on my thoughts and feelings about the upcoming end of lockdown in England. I’ve written previously about our experiences as a family in lockdown 1 and lockdown 2, so it seemed fitting for me think once more about the third, and hopefully final, experience of being grounded at home.

How do you feel, generally, about the end of lockdown?

I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing restrictions begin to ease over the past few months- schools reopening fully, and sports clubs like gymnastics being able to reopen, were particular highlights for me! Although I am looking forward to being able to go on impromptu days out and trips without needing to worry about booking things any more, I must admit that I’m a little bit nervous about being in busy places with big crowds- and I think it’ll take quite a while to get used to that again.

What are you most excited for?

I’m really looking forward to seeing things get back to normal again for my children- they’ve been asking for ages about going swimming, or to the local trampoline park. I’m also excited for the return of gymnastics competitions, as they create so much joy for the children taking part, and I just love the whole atmosphere of the day. But most of all, I’m excited about our family camping trip later in the summer!

Have you gone out to any restaurants/ places that have started opening up? How was your experience?

We recently had a family meal at a local pub, and it was a really positive experience. We had to wait to be seated (which was often the case pre-covid anyway), and were then asked to sign in using the NHS app on our phones. Aside from the staff wearing masks and a one-way system around the building, once we’d sat down everything felt reassuringly ‘normal.’

hand sanitiser, mask and gloved worn during lockdown

We’ve also been to a climbing wall near us, and again- other than wearing masks -it all felt very much like it did the last time we visited in 2019. I found it a bit uncomfortable at first being so close to strangers, but on the the whole everyone was very respectful of each other, and kept their distance as much as they could.

What is something you’ve done in lockdown that you’ve really enjoyed?

I’ve especially enjoyed having all of my family at home together in the evenings, without someone needing to rush out to a gym class, or somebody else coming in late because they’ve already been to one. That extra time as a family did feel really special, as it was so unusual for us before lockdown.

I also enjoyed home-schooling my children during lockdown 1. Home educating properly isn’t something that has ever appealed to me, but I really loved seeing Mr F and Mr S progress through the work they were set. I still think that home-schooling permanently isn’t for me, though!

If you have been working from home, are you excited to get back to your office?

I did a combination of working from home, and actually being at work, during all three lockdowns. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first to see everything getting busier again, but once we all settled into our new routine of extra handwashing and social distancing where possible, it felt good to be back with all of my colleagues once more.

What is something that you are still not risking due to lockdown?

I’ve still not used any public transport since the start of the pandemic, and I don’t plan to any time soon. Travelling in our own car, or on foot, feels much safer for me.

empty public transport during lockdown
Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash

Do you feel you have grown as a person during lockdown?

Back in March 2020, I was quite scared about going into the ‘unknown,’ spending an unspecified number of weeks at home with my family, not able to do any of our usual activities. Other than work, I didn’t leave the house at all for several weeks, as I stayed at home with the children while my husband did our food shopping.

Despite this, I actually grew to really like not having to rush around doing lots of different things all of the time, and generally having a slower pace of life. I always knew that I liked my own company; not seeing other people for a long time didn’t really bother me, but I’ve definitely learnt that it’s good to slow down a bit, and not accept every offer that comes my way just because I feel like I should!

Although overall, the lockdowns have been a positive thing for me, it’s not something I ever want to experience again!

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