An Interview with Niki from Connor Cards and Gifts

As any parent of a boy gymnast will tell you, it can be hard to find gymnastics gifts that are aimed at boys. So when I came across Connor Cards and Gifts’ great range of birthday cards and prints featuring male gymnasts whilst updating my gift guide for boy gymnasts, I was really impressed. Niki’s range of designs feature not just one, but three options for boys in gymnastics, and can be personalised with any colour combination you like- perfect for choosing your child’s favourite colours, or the colours of their gymnastics club!

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I spoke with Niki, who owns and runs Connor Cards and Gifts, to ask her a little bit about her business. Here’s what she had to say:

Connor Cards and Gifts, established 2016
  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and Connor Cards and Gifts. My name is Niki Connor and I started my online greeting card and print business on Etsy back in 2016. I am a Mum of 2 and liked the idea of finding a career that meant I could work from home and therefore work around school hours and be there for my girls when they needed me. I started by creating a print for one of my daughter’s bedroom walls and after many friends admired it and asked if I could make them one I realised I might be on to something and looked into how I could sell online – Etsy was the obvious choice as it champions small handmade businesses and provides a platform to showcase our work. I soon realised that my print designs could be used on greeting cards and that is the main part of my business now. I create word art designs for any occasion in hundreds of different shapes and colours so that each one is personal and unique.
  1. How did you initially get into art? Have you always been creative? I have a background in Interior Design but have never trained in anything related to my business – I have basically taught myself and experimented over the years to come up with a collection I am proud of.
  1. Customers can choose their own colour schemes for their cards and prints. What are some of your favourite colour combinations? Every time I create a new design I try to come up with a different colour scheme to keep things fresh, and as you say a lot of my cards and prints can be bespoke as far as colours go so I don’t have any favourites but enjoy creating with different combinations of both bright and pastel colours.
  1. Which images are your most popular? I find that the sport related designs are extremely popular – especially football, mountain biking, gymnastics, dancing and cycling.
  1. You have three different designs featuring male gymnasts, which is quite unusual! What inspired you to produce these- perhaps a customer request, or a boy gymnast that you know? I have always tried to include designs for both girls and boys and like to give a few different options for each sport. I know that gymnastics is a very popular sport and wanted to create cards and prints that would be relevant to this market.

With prices starting from £8.49 for a word art print, and just £3.85 for a personalised card– including free delivery -I think Connor Cards and Gifts is a great place to look for a gift for your boy gymnasts. As one of Niki’s recent reviews says, “These were awesome – the senior boys loved having something personalized just for them!”


  1. These birthday cards are brilliant. I would have loved one of these when I was younger, especially if it had my name on. It’s hard if you have a name that’s not usually found in the gift shop.

  2. I love these cards and prints – they are so unusual and unlike anything else I’ve seen, and they make a perfect gift for anyone who is in to sports!

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