Gymnasts in Lockdown- Part 2

With Boris Johnson’s recent announcement that the UK is now in lockdown again, our gymnasts will return to home training, and to gym classes via Zoom – to read how I felt about that during the first lockdown, click HERE.

gymnasts in lockdown

Although it’s obviously not the same as actually being in the gym with their coaches and friends, I’m grateful that we have this technology available to us; just a few years ago, a lockdown like this would have meant being completely cut off from the gymnastics world.

As some parents might now be looking for equipment to help their gymnasts train at home, I thought I’d put together a quick list of the kit we found useful during the last lockdown for Mr F and Mr S. I’ve also included links to all of the products we bought, some of which are affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase, I may make a small profit, at no extra cost to you.

We already owned a 4 metre air track, which provided a softer surface for cardio work (thanks Joe Wicks!), as well as allowing them to practise floor skills more safely. Air tracks are very popular with gymnasts, and we certainly love ours!

Skipping rope- for an easy pulse-raising activity which doesn’t require a lot of space, the boys would sometimes skip as a warm up activity, instead of running or jumping exercises.

skipping is a good warm up for gymnastics

Weights- We bought 2kg weights for Mr S (just turned 6) and 3kg for Mr F (age 9), but Argos sells everything from 1-5 kg (although some stock may be running low). Using light weights was useful as an easy alternative to the ‘body weight’ exercises that they would normally do on the bars in gym.

Ankle weights- The boys used these to add a little extra resistance when doing leg strength work on the floor, or on their pull up bar.

small hand weights for gymnasts to use

Parallettes- We bought ours from eBay, and used them for practising handstands, levers, and the dreaded (for Mr F!) straddle lever to handstand.

Elastics- Mr F and Mr S used these around their legs to add resistance when doing leg strength exercises.

Pull up bar- Again, a product that we already had, but which we used every day in lockdown for conditioning work such as leg lifts and pull ups.

Hanging ringsThese rings are attached to the pull up bar, and allow the boys to practise some of the shapes they are learning on the rings.

gymnastics rings

I know I’m not the only one hoping that this will be the last time our country needs a full lockdown, and that, soon, our children will be back into the gym as usual. COVID certainly has a lot to answer for!

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