gifts for boy gymnasts

8 Great Gifts for Boy Gymnasts

Are you searching for Christmas gifts for boy gymnasts?

If so, you will probably have noticed that it can be tricky to find gymnastics-themed presents that aren’t marketed strongly towards girls. In this guide to gifts for boy gymnasts, I’ve tried to find some of the best present ideas online for male gymnasts under £100.

gifts for boy gymnasts

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Okay, it’s an obvious one, but a nice new leotard and shorts set is always well received in our house. Decathlon, Milano and Quatro all have popular boys’ leotard collections, and British gymnast Dominick Cunningham has recently released his own selection of funky designs that kids will love.


On the topic of British gymnasts, several have now produced their own merchandise, which would make perfect gifts for any young fans of theirs. Nile Wilson has a great selection of clothing and accessories in his NWClothing brand, but Brinn Bevan and Courtney Tulloch also have their own branded collections. Tulloch even has a mini figurine of himself at the Commonwealth Games!

Medal Holder

If your gymnast has a growing collection of medals they’re keen to show off, a medal holder could make a great gift idea. Ours is metal like this one, although acrylic designs are also popular, and have the added advantage of coming in a variety of colours. This one features the outlines of a male gymnast.

Home Training Aids

Several companies make home training aids which are priced under the £100 mark, and which can be useful gifts for boy gymnasts. Mr F and Mr S often use their parallettes to practise low press ups or straddle lifts, or you could go for a set of slightly taller dip bars for your gymnast to work on p-bar conditioning exercises. Cantileiver creations have a fantastic new product, the Ring King, which my boys received last Christmas, and absolutely love! At £90, it’s towards the top of my price range, but is a really useful -and fun- piece of kit.


It can be tricky to find gymnastics-themed clothing that features male gymnasts, but my in-laws managed to find this fab one as a gift for my husband last year. Alternatively, Gymnastics by Pemissa has a great range of designs, available as t-shirts, long sleeved tops, or hoodies.

Personalised Ornaments

For a sweet stocking filler, how about a cute personalised tree decoration? This one features a medal-wearing boy gymnast, with space for your child’s name to be engraved at the bottom. At only £7.95, it’s a bargain price, too!

Gym Bag

I’ve fallen in love with this bag I found on Etsy- it has a picture of a gymnast on the rings, comes in a range of colours (my eldest would definitely choose orange for himself!), and can be personalised with your gymnast’s name. The seller is an Etsy star seller..


If, like my son, your gymnast likes to read, Louis: My Story So Far by Louis Smith could make a good gift. Alternatively, Nile Wilson’s first book, Raising the Bar: How Gymnastics Can Change your Life is a good mixture of autobiography and training aid, containing a gymnastics-based exercise plan that anyone can use. Or, for a younger gymnast, you could give my new book, The Competition, a go. This tells the story of Archie, as he takes part in his very first gymnastics competition.

I hope this guide to gifts for boy gymnasts has given you some useful ideas – if it has, please consider sharing this post using the share buttons at the top, so that others can read it too!

P.S. When browsing gift ideas for Mr F and Mr S, I was really excited to stumble across Nile Wilson’s second book, Nile Wilson – My Story. It isn’t due for release until later this year, so I haven’t included it in this gift guide, but it is available for pre-order now!

8 gifts for boy gymnasts

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