Buying an Air Track- A Review

At this time of year, lots of gymnastics parents might be thinking of buying an air track for their little gymnasts. We were those parents last year, and, after a lot of consideration, a 4-metre air track was the gift we chose for our sons. This year, with many gyms closed and children training at home, I think even more parents will be looking for gymnastics equipment as gifts for their children. In this blog post, I discuss how we decided which air track to purchase; and at the end of the post, you can find a link to the track we bought.

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A popular choice with parents, most air tracks come in a selection of lengths (3, 4 and 6 metres are -popular), and often come in different colours, too. We measured our front room – and dining room! – very carefully, before deciding that the 4-metre air track was the best choice for us. We wanted to give the boys a slightly longer track, so that they had a bit more room to link skills together, without worrying about falling off the end. However, I know that lots of parents have gone for a 3-metre mat and been very satisfied with it.

Choosing our Air Track

After browsing several different websites to compare prices, and scouring the internet for online reviews, we decided to purchase our air track from eBay. Although that meant using an unknown company, it did give us some buyer protection- we could open a dispute with eBay if the air track we ordered wasn’t up to scratch. Prices were also typically a bit cheaper, so we could afford to get the slightly longer air track that we really wanted. We knew that there was a possibility we might be disappointed with our purchase, but after weighing up all the options, we decided that, for us, purchasing from eBay was still the best option.

When choosing our air track from eBay, we decided to look specifically for one which came with a pump included, so that we would be able to set it up immediately on Christmas morning, without needing to purchase anything extra. We also tried at first to look for sellers in the UK, as we didn’t want to end up with a pump which couldn’t be plugged into our sockets! However, it is worth noting that when we clicked the ‘UK only’ option, some of the search results still said they would be shipped from other countries first.

We also looked carefully at the feedback rating of sellers- I didn’t want to buy an expensive item from a seller who didn’t have a really great feedback score. I was a little bit hesitant at first about buying from a company using a stock image on their listing, but after checking out lots of companies, this seems quite common, even for sellers who have very good feedback. I also browsed the feedback comments of sellers, to see if anyone had specifically mentioned any problems with air track purchases.

In the end, we chose an air track from a seller in China, with a 99% positive feedback rating. We knew that we were taking the risk of our air track not being up to the standard we would expect, or of not arriving at all, but after spending a lot of time researching different sellers, we decided that it was a risk worth taking.

The air track arrived, and after a quick once over to check everything seemed to be in order, was put away until Christmas morning. The day arrived, and both Mr F and Mr S were delighted with their present! We inflated it immediately, and have kept it inflated for most of the year (although it can be deflated quickly and easily when necessary). The quality is just as I would have expected, and even with two boisterous boys and a toddler, it has remained in great condition.

It moves out to the garden in nice weather, and came with us to a summer barbeque at Grandma’s house when lockdown restrictions were temporarily eased. Sometimes the boys use it for practising their tumbling skills at home, and at other times they just bounce around for fun, but I’d say it’s definitely been our most well used Christmas present from last year.

Gymnastics air track
Our air track in use

Buying an unbranded air track from eBay isn’t for everyone, but for us it’s definitely been worth it.

THIS is the track we purchased from eBay (available in a range of sizes and colours).

Buying an air track: a review

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